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Gospel Digest

Making Our World A Better Place For The Good Of All

The Gospel Digest is a bible inspired inspirational online devotional and book that’s ordained to change lives worldwide. Our world needs answers to the several ongoing global challenges, and why we should invest more time and resources into creative ways to meet the needs.

Our primary goal is to make the gospels available to millions of people worldwide, by shedding light and using the gospels to uproot ignorance and darkness. The word of God is light and we as gospel ambassadors are given the responsibility to heal our hurting world. Through our programs, we hope to bridge the gap between the unsaved and the body of Christ.

The Gospel Digest est une dévotion en ligne inspirante inspirée de la Bible et un livre destiné à changer des vies dans le monde entier. Notre monde a besoin de réponses aux nombreux défis mondiaux en cours, et pourquoi nous devrions investir plus de temps et de ressources dans des moyens créatifs pour répondre aux besoins.

Notre objectif principal est de rendre les évangiles accessibles à des millions de personnes dans le monde, en faisant la lumière et en utilisant les évangiles pour déraciner l’ignorance et les ténèbres. La parole de Dieu est lumière et nous, en tant qu’ambassadeurs de l’évangile, avons la responsabilité de guérir notre monde qui souffre. Grâce à nos programmes, nous espérons combler le fossé entre les non-sauvés et le corps de Christ.

On A Mission

Gospel Ambassadors Program

Through the Gospel Ambassadors Program, we will be working with God fearing, bible believing, faith filled, soul winning, christian leaders, ministries, missionaries and other Christian stakeholders.

Our goal is to reach unbelievers while uplifting fellow believers. Our world needs a upgrade, and that upgrade is in God’s word.

We strongly believe the Gospel Digest will give hope to the hopeless, and enlighten our minds on how to navigate this complex world, while inspiring our families, neighbours and colleagues to see a future and life that is built on Christ.

Community Outreach

The Gospel Digest will be consistently used to add more substance to our daily discussions as we distribute copies at festivals, carnivals, anniversaries and much more.

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Stakeholders & Partnerships

The Gospel Digest and awards celebrations will collaborate with like-minded ministries and other believers. We will also partner with churches, faith groups, and Christian media outlets.

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Free Distribution Campaign

The Gospel Digest will be distributed free in some strategic areas, to effectively reach non Christians. This includes shelters, prisons, libraries, schools, and community centers.

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Literacy Mentorship Initiative

Through the gospel ambassador program, we will execute several bible study groups, and youth outreaches that will be aimed at non Christians and the underprivileged individuals.

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Role Models Celebrations

We have profiled achievers in the past, and will continue to showcase role models with the hope of inspiring our younger generations to be smart, noble and effective in their lives journey.

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Adopt A Village Initiative

We will reach-out to institutions and communities that are mostly economically left behind. We will continue to empower both the young and old, especially those who have unique challenges.

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